Probably the most popular interview column in the world*


Probably the most popular interview column in the world*


The Definite Article was created by Rob McGibbon specifically for a re-vamp of the Daily Mail’s Saturday magazine, Weekend. It was launched on 19 March 2011 and quickly became a hugely popular and permanent fixture in the magazine.

The column comprises of the same 25 searching questions each week. These were carefully crafted by Rob to peel back the life, background and personality of his subjects. The aim is to give the reader a fast and entertaining article that also provides an unexpectedly insightful glimpse into the interviewee’s experiences and views.

All interviews are set up by Rob and he always strives to bring an eclectic mix of personalities to the column, whether they be from film, television and showbiz, or music, books and sport, or even politics and business.

Combining the Daily Mail’s Saturday circulation and Mail Online’s unstoppable web traffic, The Definite Article was widely considered to be the most popular interview column in world. Probably. It stopped appearing in the Daily Mail on 12th May 2018 after 367 columns, but will live on elsewhere and in other forms.




The Definition. It’s a play on words, innit


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