On 1st January 2014, Rob McGibbon began publishing the diary of Olive Higgins from 1914  on a blog in “real time” 100 years on. This original venture drew much publicity from the traditional media, as well as extensive attention on Twitter.

Olive’s diary was given to Rob on 9th March 2001 and had a powerful and lasting impact on his life. The diary and many details about its history can all be viewed at Olives Diary and at the Twitter account @OlivesDiary1914.

The decision to publish the diary online came after years of failing to publish a book about Olive’s tragic story. Rob’s quest to write a book based on this powerful diary will continue until it is done…

1. Credit

The title page inside Olive’s diary of 1914

The Higgins’ family grave in Blockley cemetery, South London, where Olive is buried

Press Gazette 2004: The first piece Rob wrote about Olive’s diary

Press Gazette, April 2004: Rob goes to the London Book Fair in search of a deal

Rob’s article for Huffington Post revealing plans to publish the diary “live” on Twitter 100 years on

Rob at Olive’s grave just weeks after being given the diaryin 2001