Rob McGibbon

Rob McGibbon is a journalist, a celebrity interviewer and an author. After writing for national newspapers since – creak – 1986, Rob has a unique insight into the workings of the media and a formidable network of high-level contacts. Alongside writing, Rob occasionally works as a communications strategist for leading personalities and brands – if the project is compelling enough.

Beyond writing, Rob also uses his energy and media experience to help with public-spirited campaigns, such as his 2021 campaign to make Battersea Bridge safer for pedestrians to cross. His petition, following the tragic death of Jack Ryan, garnered 26,000 signatures, as well as wide-scale media coverage. It led to a rapid and significant road safety change at the north side of the bridge. Rob also launched a campaign in June 2024 called S.O.B.B (Stop One Battersea Bridge). This campaign has united local communities and groups on both sides of the river Thames against the proposed development of a grotesquely large tower by Battersea Bridge. The campaign has also gathered major press attention as well as the support of high-profile local celebrities, including Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton.

If you think Rob’s skills might be useful for your campaign, he would be happy to hear from you.

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