Will Self – the interview

150 150 Rob McGibbon

Just a note to let you know that my filmed interview with Will Self is now on the Access Interviews website.

Rarely does a subject make me laugh as much as Will. His tone and delivery on the slightest of subjects cracks me up, as you will see on the film. He is also wonderfully articulate and many of his answers on a scope of topics are quite mesmerising. However frothy, I particularly enjoyed the Q&A section and his answer to “What piece of wisdom would you pass on to a child?” is particularly insightful and poignant. Will also talks candidly about his drugs past, his writing life, and the woes of being labelled a “grumpy old man”.

Oh, and all luvvieness aside, I can sincerely recommend his new novel, ‘The Butt’. Eloquent, highly original, dark, witty, fascinating, and quite a page turner. It is, ah, bloody brilliant, yeah. And it could make a great film. Will’s wish is for Ed Norton to play both of the main characters. David Lynch to direct?