When Felix Dennis met Linda Lovelace . . .

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It has taken a while, due to the enormity of running my amazing life, but the re-jig of the Access Interviews.com homepage and, more importantly, the Felix Dennis filmed interview finally went live yesterday. Oh the toil of running a major website.

I had anticipated getting a long and detailed interview with Felix. He is fantastic company and our last interview, at his home in the Cotswolds in the summer of 2006, went on for over four hours. I couldn’t shut him up, so I was expecting an all-embracing interview on camera this time.

Alas, no amount of preparation can account for the unexpected in this game. Felix was delayed by a long lunch – an hour and a chuffing half – and then needed to leave sharpish for a board meeting. To be honest, when showbiz flakes keep me waiting like that I throw an internal hissy fit. I sit on hands, bite my tongue, that sort of thing, while secretly wanting to tell them to stick it and naff off. But you have to bury a lot of impotent rage in this interviewing game. Well, if something has taken months to set up, you don’t want to throw it away in a fit of pique and come away with nothing. Gulp and swallow that pride like it’s a lump of MDF with nails in. I say, get your own back by sticking it to them with a few blunt questions instead.

Oddly enough, I didn’t get irritated waiting for Felix. He doesn’t really give a flying toss about anything, so I didn’t take it personally. And I like him a lot. He is a totally fascinating maverick. Besides, I was quite happy thumbing through his wonderful – and highly valuable – collection of first editions. How much is an immaculate first/first of ‘To Kill A Mocking Bird’ these days?

Anyway, the Felix interview has already been watched by a few early adopters on the media blog circuit. First prize goes to the mischievous Madame Arcati for picking up on the irreverent insert in the Q&A section. Well, wouldn’t you have Linda at your fantasy dinner party?

There are some good interviews for the ‘Rob McGibbon Meets’ section in the pipeline, so do stay tuned.