Virgin On The Ridiculous

150 150 Rob McGibbon

Right, that’s it, I have had enough. I am having to resort to a Blog to get some feedback from Virgin Media.

I know Sir Richard Branson is busy buying Northern Rock, but I really think he needs to attend to this speck of his empire before making his next billion with that building society.

I have been with for years. There was no obvious reason for choosing them, except that I probably bought into the dependability and geniality of the Virgin brand way back when I started email and all this tech stuff that dominates our lives.

I’ve never changed provider. I suppose it’s a but like not changing your bank account – you feel safer sticking with what you know and you can’t really be bothered to change

Well, “what I know” is no longer good enough. My email has not been sending properly for weeks. It can sometimes take a dozen tries before a message finally disappears.

Plus, my broadband connection – sold to me as “up to 8meg” is nothing of the sort. Beware of the “up to” words. It is a blag. On a good day, I currently get around 2meg. Whoopee.

But why the Blog? Well, I have been watching my life disappear on emails, lists of tech instructions, and phone calls (25p per min) to Virgin Support. It is a nightmare and I am fed up. What is happening to this company?

In exasperation, I have tried to call Customer Service to complain and get some action. Can I get through? Can I hell. Clearly, the lines are jammed with other people like me tearing their hair out at the poor service they are getting.

Well, I think I have the answer. I have Sir Richard’s personal mobile number, so I am going to call him right now and get him on the case.

And if I can’t get through, then I will post his number here. I’m sure someone out there will get through to him some time and sort this mess out.