Turn back Times, too

150 150 Rob McGibbon

There has been much talk – and criticism – in the media and beyond about the redesign of The Times. I have had a few days to chew it over and I’m afraid, like others, I think it is a dog’s dinner and a disaster.

I could go through various aspects bit by bit, but it is simpler to look no further than Times2, the focus of my principal grumble: all that white space and headlines in italics make it look like a stinking pile of vacuous advertorial features. What a way to project some fine journlaistic work.

As for all those new colour picture bylines throughout the paper; they may well have dragged some hacks into the modern age from the safety of flattering black and white, but unfortunatley it has revealed many (no names) to be tubbier and, ahem, a little ruddier in the face.