Fair Plays To Yee

150 150 Rob McGibbon

As much as it pains me not to be moaning in a Monday morning Post, one must give credit where credit is due: the wretched Ryanair seems to be on top of its game and provided a faultless service from Stansted to Oslo at the weekend. Easy check ins, on time departures, early arrivals both ways. All for sixty-something quid per head. What more could a penny-pinching passenger wish for? They now even have a fully functioning “Priority Seating” plan which kept the Artist and I out of the demeaning seat scrum for a few extra pounds.

A couple of minor questions: why would owner Michael O’Leary spend $10 billion on a stack of new planes – and boast about all this in the rubbish in-flight magazine – when he totally messed them up on delivery. Tell me now, who in their right mind would splash out that kind of dosh and then say: “D’yee know what dees planes need to loiven dem up is some broight yellow head-rests and panels. Dat’ll froighten de loife out of dem fecking passengers.”

Seriously, who the hell thinks screaming canary yellow fittings are a good way to decorate a plane. Pass dat derre sick bag.

And is it really necessary to fleece your customers so gratuitously for the in-flight refreshment service? A sky-high £2.80 for a micro tin of Bavaria piss lager? Only an idiot would pay so much.

That’ll be me then.