Every Little Bit (of Publicity) Helps

150 150 Rob McGibbon

ASDA should be giving their in-house PR a nice bonus some time soon.

The chain got some great coverage in the newspapers today for selling Dom Perignon champagne at £30 a bottle.

I have never been to an ASDA store, but when I read that, well, I was nearly in the car within a minute. But I know an offer that is too good to be true when I see one, so I called my nearest ASDA first and had an hilarious chat with a guy in the wines and spirits department.

“There are no bottles left.”

“Really? But you have just announced this amazing promotion. Surely they can’t all have sold already. How many did you get?”

“Six bottles. We are expecting six more at some point, but no one knows when.”

SIX bottles for a giant store. Hysterical.

Give a case of the stuff to the PR who came up with this wheeze.