‘ello 2007

150 150 Rob McGibbon

Yaaawn. Stretch. Creak. Squint. Re-focus. Hello.

So, that was Christmas. What did I do?
Another year over.
Oh no! A new one just begun.

I haven’t got my blogging head fully back on just yet, but I felt I should stop by and, you know, wish everyone I don’t really know a “Happy New Year”, whatever that actually means. Consider it mass-market PR, blog-style.

I for one am feeling genuinely positive about 2007. Purely on a personal level, I am expecting powerful, transformative shifts in every aspect of my life. I will be fitter and healthier than ever, professionally more successful and fulfilled, emotionally and romantically blessed. Yes, I am annoyingly bouncy with watery-eyed optimism for the future. I even have happy hopes for the world.

Ask me again in a week.