[Drum roll] May I introduce … SALLY!

150 150 Rob McGibbon

Well, two long years and three months after I had a simple idea to bring out a quick range of greetings cards, they are here. May I introduce… SALLY!

So, who is Sally and what does she do? Well, she’s a free-spirited young woman who approaches the challenges of life with unbridled enthusiasm, but all too often things don’t work out the way she had hoped. Nevertheless, she deals with it all with her own special brand of irreverent humour. In some way, I hope that Sally echoes what women really think. (Not that I would profess to have any special insight into that particular science).

Generally, I find the cards on the market a bit dull, old hat or plain stupid. And often they are unnecessarily cynical. Call me over-sensitive, but have you seen those ranges where they use old black and white photos of people – someone’s loved one, long since dead – and simply add a nasty, cynical caption? They piss me OFF!

Well, it’s good to get that out of my system. Moving on. I hope that Sally is a welcome and fun addition to the cards shops. They have been launched to the trade during the Spring Fair at the Birmingham NEC over the last few days and the feedback has been very good. So, Sally should be in a card shop near you soon.

Sorry, I must dash, I have Disney on the phone wanting to talk about the movie rights to Sally …