Do bring back the birch, dear boy

150 150 Rob McGibbon

Oh, how I loathe the piece of scum who burgled our house. Forgetting the loss of treasured property, I am now on Day Two of the nightmare admin’ of cleaning up after the bastard.

I have lost track of how many phone calls I have had to make to cancel cards, organise new phones etc. Any idea how many call centre menus you have to endure to re-boot the technical essentials of life. Don’t ask me about the expense. I’ve just been told of the bill I can expect to re-programme my car alarm to make sure one of the burglar’s mates doesn’t pop by with the keys he nicked and drive off with my car. I’d far rather buy some new clothes, thanks very much. But, no, I’ve got to mop up the mess.

I’m thinking of standing for Parliament and will probably fight a campaign on a crime and order ticket for Chelsea. Top of my policies will, naturally, be to bring back the birch for all petty crimes – anti-social behaviour, vandalism etc – and double strokes for muggers and, of course, burglars.

Call me old fashioned, but I seriously think a spot of public flogging in Sloane Square would clean up the scum more quickly than non-sentences from weak, PC-driven judges, extra free money and holidays abroad paid for by the State.

Be a good fellow and pass me the black shirt.