150 150 Rob McGibbon

Amusing news that my dear old, cuddly leperchaun (sic) pal Louis Walsh is writing his autobiography. Note the pay off to the story. The Sun are hoping for serial rights, then.

So, Louis has decided to spike the chapter slagging off Ronan Keating because he has finally blagged him into reforming Boyzone. As is always the case in showbiz, nothing heals old wounds quicker than the sniff of cash. I admit, I’m a little surprised at Ronan. Not more than a year ago, he vented his spleen to me about Louis and seemed certain never speak to the man again.

But it’s commendable to bury grudges – good on them – and to celebrate I think I will do a tie-in release of my own and bring out a bootleg of my interview with Ro’ and link it to the blog. It has some great lyrics, including the unforgettable line “The man’s a fucking bull-shitter.”. You see, it’s important everyone cashes in with a boy band. In fact, I think I might mash my single with the music to ‘Father And Son’. (Idea spark – new lyrics on the way..!)

Anyways, I wish them alldebest, although I think their hopes of replicating Take That’s comeback are wide of the mark. Still, it’s good that Louis is busy once again now that his X-Factor days are over. Just think, all that effort he must be putting in to working out which cover version Boyzone should do first. I’m telling yee, yer man’s a genius.