Big Boring Burchill

150 150 Rob McGibbon

Wow, if ever you needed a laugh, check out the rambling, repetitive and confused piece by the “retired” Julie Burchill in The Sun today defending Big Brother. It runs to an unbelievably bloated 1,301 words. Talk about play to the crowd. Why on earth is this nonsensical, cliched tripe a centre spread in the Currant?

Burchill – who declares that she is “old and rich” in the article – rails against people who do not like Big Brother. She writes: “…hating Big Brother says far more about the hater than it does about the hated. BB-haters, in no particular order, hate the young. They hate the working-class. They hate gays and trannies. They hate people who have sex more than once a fortnight. And as with a lot of unfounded, ungrounded hate, envy is in there somewhere…”

Well, I hate Big Brother because it is boring, crap TV. Simple as. And I hate that article for the same reasons. It should have been five pars max – in the Brighton Evening Argus letters page – not the marquee spread in The Sun.