Diary of a F*cked Up English Schoolboy aged 13½

Other Childhood Memoirabilia

– § –

Dad gave me some advice when I was young that weighed quite heavily. “Never tell anyone your problems,” he said.
“Do you know why?” I didn’t. “Because half the people aren’t interested. And the other half will be pleased.”
Not long afterwards, I started writing diaries…

– § –


Cast of Characters & Locations

Robin McGibbon, aged 13½

Dad (Robin Snr), aged 39. Mum (Toni), 37
Sisters – Katrina, 19. Alison (Ali), 14. Jayne, 10
Bianca – black long-haired cat
Grandad (Albert Ross), 60, and his girlfriend Florie

Our home – The Chalet in Waldegrave Road, Bickley, Kent

Stephen Green, Bickely Park Prep School
Steven Taylor, next door neighbour. Paul his brother. Their sister Jenny and mum and dad, Peter and Bev.
Graham Cross, neighbour

Girls of My Deluded Dreams
Tatum O’Neal, the love of my life
Susie Hardie-Bick, Charlotte Law, Tracy Kirk – Stratford House School
Louisa Haswell, Susan Arkell, Bickley girls

Ali’s friends from Stratford House 
Jacky Marshall, Libs Neeley, Lucy Chapman

Sevenoaks School, dormitory ‘friends’ at Johnsons House
Cunliffe, Giles, Mandel, Hornby, Quigley, Highfield, Rainbow

The Chalet, with my bedroom arrowed. We moved in during October 1975. A wonderfully fun and happy home – most of the time…


 We need to start with Tatum. . .
FLASHBACK – Summer 1976. . .
I fell in love with Tatum O’Neal in one of the new, smaller screens at Bromley Odeon. It was 1976 and she was in The Bad News Bears with Walter Matthau. She played a beautiful tomboy called Amanda Whurlitzer, the super cool pitcher with attitude who saves a hopeless little league baseball team, The Bears. I was besotted at the first frame, as she looked out from beneath her straw hat. And what a film! I recall looking intensely at the credits – a first – to seek her out. I had never heard of such an odd christian name before, so for a good while afterwards I was convinced the girl of my dreams was “Tartin”. That was the name I wrote on the underside of my Fibreflex skateboard deck. I was put right by Katrina when I quietly revealed this secret crush and she started collecting news cuttings for me. My Tatum O’Neal scrapbook began. I still have it.
As luck would go, Dad knew the director Bryan Forbes, who announced that he would make a sequel to National Velvet, the Grand National classic with Elizabeth Taylor. His star would be Tatum. In the summer of 1977, Dad fixed for me to meet Tatum on the set of International Velvet. The day began with an early morning bath, an event so unique for me at that part of a day that Mum and my sisters commented. I felt embarrassed, but it was vital to look my best. I put on my go-to outfit for smart occasions: spearmint green French trousers, a blush pink and blue striped cheesecloth shirt and a pure-white cricket jumper. The finishing flourish for this unlikely palette was my prized red Kickers boots, size four-and-a-half. We all headed to Stansted airport for what would be one of the happiest, most thrilling days of my life, not least because it would soon be blatantly obvious that Tatum fancied me. I had a chance…     m/f  

.    .     .     .   .

Personal Notes: This is a quick note for January.The first (sic) I have got to get up earlier tomorrow and do some of that bloody homework.I really hate school when it comes to holiday work.I am enjoying writing in this diary.And if [I] have a child (plural, I hope.) I will earge (sic) them to write one.And writing this is making [me] think how wonderfullife is.At the moment (11.41pm) I am writing this letter by torchlight because my bloody light has busted.I also wish that I wrote a diary in 78 and the other years.For Christmas I got a TI-30 calculated (sic). Tape recorded (sic) – pen knife.a box to put things in – A Snoopy (small very cute) a tiny glass tankerd (?) a balaclava – lovely pair of skiing gloves but too small so we will have to change them.An automatic umbrella. Squash racket. This pen I am writing with.This diary and some pro-verb posters.And that’s all I think – they were lovely presys (sic) and I really enjoyed Christmas this year. It has been the best Christmas since dad left.The snow adds to it.Kieran and Dominic were thoroughly spoilt.Kieran is dying to go to boarding school. 
     I really am looking forward to sharing this diary and many others to my children. 
   All this I dedicate to Katrina, my 19 year (sic) sister who can be really lovely. Because I wouldn’t be doing this unless she bought it. 

Monday, 1st January  Looking forward to writing in this, my first every diary.New Years Day Night we had the Taylors round (Paul and Stephen). Stephen told us all about boarding school and his girls. Paul was his arrogant self. Jayne flerted. I cracked a £4.99 bottle of champagne on the third gong of Big Ben. Judy was here – we pulled some crackers.Just before midnight Pauls friend came round the girls thought he was quite dishy.Mum – Judy – Katrina and Alison when she came in from her boring party. She had to wait at Lucy’s for half an hour. Lucy’s dad gave Alison The Observer to read. Ha! ha!There were a load of black boys at the party. Lucy, being pregidise (sic) protested about kissing them.
After quite a long sleep I had breakfast Bacon and Egg. Bianca ventured out into the snow. We have had snow lately, very cold and about 6 inches deep. Alan and Mary came round, had a fantastic snowball fight. I smuthered (sic) Mum Katrina and Judy with snow. They smuthered me later – I got soaked. Had chicken (roast) with Florie and Grandad. Alan and I had great fun carving the chicken with the new electric carving knife. We made a right mess of it. We played Chase the Ace – eat Bridge Mints – and Jayne won. Mary felt ill.  I through (sic) one last snow ball at Alan.  Watch (sic) a good film with Michael Caine and KELLYS HEROES.  I was disappointed not going out but I really enjoyed it. Dad rang from California just before midnight

FLASHBACK 1975: ‘It has been the best Christmas since dad left....’

Dad left in October 1975. I was 10, plus a few months, and remember the moment vividly. I had come in from school and, unusually, Dad was there with Mum. They wanted to talk to me, but could I wait in my room for a bit, they’d call me down.  They needed to speak to Katrina first.

At the time, we were staying with friends in Bickley. A family of four squashing into a little house was hardly ideal, but it was cosy and was working out well. The rental period on an awful house we had been living in for six months had run out. The previous year had been the worst of times – well, until this day. I had gone from a happy, carefree life at my local primary school in Maidstone to a rough and unfriendly one called Redhill in Chislehurst. No mates, a terrifying teacher called Mr Brittain who liked to whack knuckles with a metal ruler – or so the legend went – and no nice home. We needed to be nearer London because Dad’s business had taken off and we were going up in the world. Progress and affluence simply meant misery for me. I cried most mornings before Redhill, until I had to be taken out. But I went from there to an equally scary prep school – Bickley Park. I joined midway through the second term, so it was a steep climb, full of firsts: full school uniform, indoor and outdoor shoes, French, Latin, Venn diagrams. I was so far off the pace that I didn’t know what the fuck was going on. The Geography teacher – Babbage – stank of fags and the English teacher – Cannan – kept talking about “essays” and scared the hell out of me. To compound my discomfort, The Goodies – of all people – stepped in and made matters worse: they brought out The Funky Gibbon. It was an open goal of the unlikeliest kind. I wanted to be nicknamed ‘Mac’ like Dad had been at school, but you don’t get to choose such things. I was ‘Funky’ and the name always came with a contorted face, the lower lip puffed out by a pushing tongue, two hands bouncing beneath armpits and a moronic “Do, do, do…”.

The tears flowed again most mornings and at night I started to pull out my hair. It was quite long then. A few follicles at first, then some really big clumps. In the darkness, I’d grab as many strands as I dare, then curl them around my fingers and pull slowly until I could hear the roots popping. It hurt. I can still recall the pain from the night when I tore out the biggest chunk. I cried and pushed the hair down the side of the bed. Within a few weeks I had a noticeable bald patch on my crown the size of a silver dollar. Mum thought I had alopecia. Oh, the worry, the conversations. Then the bald patch got infected. Scores of tiny little blisters merged into a pulsating blob of pus. I had to go to the doctor where I had no option but to confess. 

Anyway, I got over it all, as kids do. The hair grew back, I made friends, I saw the good side of the nickname. Funky was funny and, if anything, it helped me fit in. Forty years later I told Bill Oddie this story and cursed him and thanked him. In the summer term, I won the school gymnastics cup and even the French Prize for improvement. I had started to love school and life in general in Bromley. Then Katrina came back upstairs crying and Dad called me into that kitchen. There was a strange atmosphere and I was nervous. Had I done something wrong? I had blown the kettle a few weeks before by boiling it when it was empty. I went in and sat at the little breakfast bar, still in my school uniform. I was a wall of mid grey – full length socks, shorts, grey shirt, grey tank top with a purple V-trim, purple tie. Dad was at the far end, sitting on the work top. He was picking his nails and chewing at the edge of a thumb. Mum was standing against the cooker, gripping some tissues tightly in one hand. Her eyes were scrunched up and smudged by the black of massacre. Dad told me that they had decided to separate. I wasn’t sure what that meant exactly, but he said he would be leaving home. These things often happened in marriages. There was a silence. Mum had started crying. She said: ‘It’s sad, isn’t it, Robin? What do you think?” I didn’t know what to bloody think, but I remember smiling and trying to be a bit cheery and light. I fidgeted, smiled again, and said something like, “Yes, this isn’t good.” I felt awkward. I shouldn’t be smiling. This was sad. I guess this was a kid’s version of stoicism. Mum was crying harder now. Dad just kept looking at me. 

It was over in a few minutes. I remember going up the stairs ever so quietly, almost on tip-toes. I couldn’t hear anything coming from Katrina’s room. I sat on my bed. I heard some raised voices from downstairs and then the front door opened and closed. That door had glass panels. Dad had gone. I was hyper aware of the silence in the house. I was probably in shock. Marriages break up all the time, of course they do. Often for the better, for the adults at least. But the fall out from those few minutes was utterly devastating. Our family had been a great unit, but it would never be the same. What immediately followed was a lot of sadness and confusion and for endless years to come there would be tedious complications, torn loyalties, bitterness, and acrimony. It has to be said that there would also be plenty of fun upsides and things for the better, but let’s allow the sadness to stew a bit. It’s not every day you join the Fucked Up Club.

A few days later, my headmaster Mr Charles (Charlie, to the boys) spotted me walking between lessons. He came alongside and took my hand, which seemed really weird. I hope no one sees this, I thought. He had puffy, dry hands with sausage fingers and prickly ginger hair. “Mum told me about the situation,” he said. “If ever you want to yarn about it, come and see me.” I told Mum about this when I got home. She smiled and said that was nice of him and explained the word “yarn” to me. From that day on, the new term for the mess that was now our family was The Situation.


Tuesday, 2nd JanuaryToday started off with an alarm at 9.15am, a 2nd at 9.30 and a 3rd at 9.45. I only just woke up. When I finally got up, got dressed quickly and had breakfast, which consisted of lumpy Ready-Brek – tea and biscuits. After that the others started getting up. Nothing much happened then. Later on in the day I found out much to my disappointment that I went back next Tuesday not Wednesday. And that I would start the term with double physics, with a new master (Italian). I am trying not to think about school – just the skiing holiday at the end of term. I am getting very worried about chemistry and the rest of my fucking homework.  I am trying to tell myself that Whats there to worry about – just enjoy it – but I can’t. Ellen didn’t come in today – Mum had to do the ironing etc. She is planning on going on a skiing trip and going up the Nile. I went on a fuckin’ useless journey to Bromley today. I didn’t change my skiing gloves – I just brought a set of studs. I had to wait 3/4 of an hour for a bus (the 94). I got talking to a very sweet old lady. Graham came back today. He had a throat infection. He’s voice has changed mementously. Have had great fun down the road on toboggans (Stephen, Graham and I)

Wednesday, 3rd January  I now feel the count down to the end of the holiday. I am building it up inside me about going back to all that work and worst of all my chemistry master (Mr Bleiburg) who I am scared shit of. I did some work today, mostly chemistry reading.  I don’t understand and I am getting quite worked up about it. I should think that quite a number of other people are in the same position and its nothing really. Stephen and Graham have no work, they don’t care anyway. I found that I have a lot of work – too much which I have left to the last week. It’s really getting on my nerves. Mum’s planning on going on a few holidays if possible. I beat her at squash – I won a McDonald’s milkshake. Alison played as well. She has got a good eye for the ball even with one contact lens in. I went to the specialist Dentist today – for the last time.  They say my teeth are as good as to be expected. They also say that my teeth are quite white and you can’t make any whiter. I have always felt that my teeth are quite yellow. I find now that I am worrying too much over nothing. Mainly about school and O’s and A Level. God knows why they are a long way off. I am fed up with myself worrying so much because the things I worry about are so pety and minor.  One of New Year resolutions is not to worry so much.

Thursday, 4th January:I am now being very lazy because I am doing hardly any work. I have left practically all that chemistry ‘till now. I have also left French, German and Biology. It is so difficult to do such boring stuff when you’re having a great time doing what you like. I believe that’s the way holidays should be. The big day of going back to school is getting nearer and I am dreading it even more. Today I went to the dentist. Not a lot  happened. It was quite a laugh. I went toboganing today on Chislehurst Golfcourse. The speed you could get was tremendous. And I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am sitting in my bedroom now with a torch on. It is now 1.12 precisely. I forgot to write before the light went out. I am feeling tired now so I can’t be bothered to write much all I can say is that I am dreading doing that chemistry. I’m going to bed now.

Friday, 5th JanuaryI got up quite early today, joined up with Graham, went over to Steve’s and woke him up. We then came back over to here and played Wembley. Jayne was very fluky with the dice. Later on in the day Linda came round. She was looking quite nice. I quite fancy her looks but I just can’t stick her manners and humour. We, meaning Alison Linda, Mum and I played squash. Later on, Mum beat me. We went to see Jaws 2. It had one hell of a lot of suspense and I really enjoyed it. I didn’t do any work whats so ever, the big day is getting nearer. Tomorrow Mum has ordered me too do nearly all my work.
Tonight I played Checkers with Mum and Graham. Graham and I got quite excited over a French film but nothing happened. Well, not the stuff we were looking for. I’m feeling quite good Mum is doing Okay. Her skiing holiday will begin in 3 weeks. I really hope she enjoys it. She his looking forward to

Saturday, 6th JanuaryFeeling very tired. Don’t feel l ike writing much. I didn’t do any work today. I was supposed to do it all day. Instead I went tobogganing. That was fantastic. I also went to town to see “39 Steps”. Really good film. I bought a Coke-a-Cola mirror for only £1.50. I can’t be bothered to write much more. Only I’m not looking forward to doing my work tomorrow when a lot is happening. And I am not looking forward to going back to school. I’ve got bags under my eyes. And I am trying to make up my mind to stop eating so many sweets.

Sunday, 7th January  Feeling really tired. I’m loosing interest in writing in this diary every day. I played squash with John today. I think I played well. Mind you he did thrash me. Like he should have. Then all the Freshwaters came back for lunch – really nice. After that I played with the baby for two hours then watch a good film calle d ’Bullitt’. After that I had a very deep conversation with mum. I’ve only got a little more work to do. I don’t really understand chemistry and I’m quite worried about it. But now I’m trying to think ‘SHIT ALL’ and just take it in my stride. I only HUMAN. Today was a reel fun day and I really enjoyed it.
Oh! Bianca PISSED ALL OVER KATRINA’S BED. Mum was really uptight.

Monday, 8th JanuaryTomorrow schoolday. Thats the main news. Quite dreading it but not as much as I thought I might have been. Today I played squash with a girl. I thrashed her and she was not at all good looking. Kieran came round as well, he was very good. Dominic went to play-school. Mo’s shop was flooded out. Katrina had her first day at her new college. It went quite well. I can’t really be fagged to write much more. I’m not looking forward to doing German, French and Chemistry at all. SHIT!

Tuesday, 9th JanuaryWell the day has finally arrived and I back at school. Played squash with Linda and Bill today. I beat Linda and 1 game all with Bill and 8-7 in the third. Dad arrived today in his new T-registration green Jaguar. He looked well and was suffering from Jet-Lag. I taped some music for my tapes [sound track from Evita with Elaine Paige and David Essex]. Packed my trunk. I’m at school now. We’ve got a new French boy in our dorm. Seral he’s quite nice. I brought my fags  to school to off-load them on someone – I did to HORNBY. It’s not to bad at Johnsons, quite good fun. But I’m not looking forward to work. I can’t write too much cos lights will be going out soon. At least I remembered to write. Rainbow found out about his apple pie. Quite a laugh. Rainbow still a right CREEP. Rainbow and Giles have got ????? haircuts. Tim Leung has got a snap together air rifle. Bloody fantastic.

Wednesday, 10th January My first day back at school. And it went very well. It started with a reasonable beginning of term service. He went on to say that we – the school – has only a limited amount of oil. We might have to pack up school altogether. Johnsons only has a weeks supply. And its freezing as it is now. I have decided not to go home this Sunday. Instead mum is coming here and we’ll go shopping together. I don’t want to write much because I want to look at Tim Leungs gun. Dad said that mum won’t get her car for at least a month.

Thursday, 11th JanuaryI am in my second session of prep now. After a long tiresome day. This morning I felt tired. I had a bloody awful breakfast. First period today I had Maths then CC then French. Luckily in French my Master had an appointment so we didn’t have the promised verb test. It’s snowing here. And I played football in it. I made myself look busy even though I was bloody freezing and for doing that I am now in the squad and playing in a practice on Saturday, that also means I won’t be able to go out with Mum until later. I’m a bit choked but if that’s what one has to do to get in the team I’ll do it. I found my Maths prep quite difficult. I find now that Maths rules and ways go in one ear and out the other. And it’s hitting me round about now. I am bored of myself worrying so much because now I’m worrying about chemistry and that we’ll probably have a test. I’m tired now and very very cold. I can’t wait to see mum. I am finding now that I enjoy the boarding until I am left in silence like now where I can start to think about all the things ahead of me.  That’s what I find doesn’t do me any good. I think I’m in need of a girlfriend who I have trust in to tell her everything I feel. I think that would stop me worrying a bit. Someone I could write to and say what’s going on etc. I have got a lot of French prep to do for next Saturday. I still say I like Johnsons.

Friday, 12th January Well the first thing was that I forgot to write in my diary so I am writing this on Saturday. Yesterday was quite a good day. Not any different from any other Friday. The main thing happened in prep where I was shitting myself about chemistry which went very well today – we didn’t get much prep. I can’t remember how I felt last night so I can’t write about it. I wanted to get up at 6.30 to have a shower (today) but the bloody alarm didn’t go off.

Saturday, 13th January Well the first thing was that I forgot to write in my diary so I am writing this on Saturday. Yesterday was quite a good day. Not any different from any other Friday. The main thing happened in prep where I was shitting myself about chemistry which went very well today – we didn’t get much prep. I can’t remember how I felt last night so I can’t write about it. I wanted to get up at 6.30 to have a shower (today) but the bloody alarm didn’t go off.

Sunday, 14th January Today was the first Sunday that I haven’t gone home and it was really good fun. I didn’t do as much work as I meant to but I did do my crossword. I had Sunday breakfast today not bad. Then I came back and went on a walk in Noel Park. Came back had lunch. Then went and did a raid on Lambards. The chickens didn’t come out. The was really good fun. I came to Johnsons after that and had a few more fantastic snowball fights. After that I did my crossword. Went up to supper came back another snow fight then quite a good Sunday at Eight. I can’t write much more because I writing under torch light as it is. I enjoyed today. And not looking forward to the long week ahead. I am now listening to a crap conversation of Hornby Quigley and Rainbow. But I’m going to block myself off with my music [Bowie Heroes, Evita soundtrack. David Essex. “Oh what a circus, oh what a show…”]

Monday, 15th January Today was the first Monday of term. It went well until prep. Where I found I had so much to do and didn’t understand half of it. I had Chemistry French Physics Biology and Maths (German). Physics I did at the end along with Maths. I was very tired after a long day. I found it very difficult, got all up tight and cryed. I’ve made up my mind to take problems to the teacher and let him do the explaining not my friends who are in the dark like me. I’ve finished most but not enough. I feel tired and hope I will get a good sleep ready for a new day. I have one hell of a lot of French – too much. I’ll probably have to to do that in my spare time. Amit is a really good friend. He stuck with me when I was in difficulty and stuck with me even when I said he could go. He even offered to do my work. Thats what I call a real friend and I like him. I didn’t understand Maths either. I’m tired and in need of a good sleep. I don’t feel home sick. I even think its better in the way that one stays in the school community rather than changing from one to the other like I’m used to. I found I felt against the week and homesick when I went home. Now for a reason I don’t know. I’m not thinking Chemistry. I’m just trying to take things in my stride.

Tuesday, 16th January Today at school went quite well. Chemistry – so-so. Bleiburg wouldn’t let anyone go to BCG inspection. I had an appointment for 2.35 – he wouldn’t listen to anyone until I finally asked at 2.40. He said “You’ve got 5 mins – if you’re not back within that time you have a Conduct” [detention on a Friday evening for two hours]. I ran over there, the lady said “I’ll sought him out if he gives you a Conduct”. I made it within 5 mins. Prep was boring. I had to watch a Biology programme – I only watched 3/4 then attempted to finish Chemistry – failed. Had a scuffle with Hornby and Cunliffe [the dormitory heavies]. It ended in a row with me spitting on Cunliffe while in a neck hold from Hornby. Hornby had his head smashed against the door by Giles and Cuinliffe. 

Wednesday, 17th January   Today went very well indeed. Physics not too bad. In French we had a free period. I got quite a bit of prep done. I feel that I’m working quite hard. I did a lot of prep this evening as well. I also stayed after school and did work. I did my woodwork drawings. I did them quite well. We just changed Quigley’s bed over with Rainbow’s and he’s just found out cos Quigley’s bed corners are yellow and Rainbows are white. Was tested how long I could hold it – only 3 secs. [NO idea what I was holding!]

Thursday, 18th January  Today went quite well as well. All the lessons weren’t bad. Then I had games in this bloodie snow. We played for a hell of a long time, we also played several games – a six a side – warm up  and a 11 a side. I was fuckin’ shattered. I think I’m in the team for Saturday. I’m really looking forward to that. I think staying in makes it more of an outing going back home after so long in a cold place like this. I phoned home tonight  Mum wasn’t in but Dad was. I was just about to speak to him when I was cut off. Ali tried to ring back but somebody go tin before her. And he’s been on there for ages  I’m bloody anored (sic). I just had a little tiff with Amit ‘cos he was looking at my diary – he can be a right pest. I bought diary today – a nice slim one – I was filling it inn tonight during prep. Mr Hoff [Deputy House Master & my English teacher. A great guy] was in a right ???? tonight ‘cos we made so much noise. too much.

Friday, 19th January I’ve had a very tiresome day. very tired now don’t want to write much. looking forward to going home. Got a French and probably Chemistry test tomorrow. had a really good snowball fight. had a hell of a lot of Geog prep difficult but finished it one minute after the bell. I’ve bruised my elbow it’s hurting. I’m enjoying school and life.  I think it’s much better staying in for sake of another week. LONG DAY.

Saturday, 20th January Went home. went to a football match Palace against Millwall 0-0. Chelsea won 3-2 against Man City. Had a lovely sleep in my bed. Forgot to take my diary home. I am writing this at school on Monday.

Sunday, 21st January Got up had bacon and egg. Alison went to a show [horse show] at 6.00am. I played squash very bad game. My arm hurt amongst other things. My Mum did the Tarot cards on me. Looks like I’m in for a good future.

Monday, 22nd January I am in prep now. I went home over the weekend, had quite a good time. It’s really nice going home after quite a while. Katrina’s getting on very well at her college. Mum’s looking forward to her holiday next Sunday. I’m feeling very tired after a long and quite good day. In Geog we had that board meeting. Our group was the only one that disagreed with Colombia as the best place, we said Chile. Harrison [the teacher] went with the others. I’ve got to watch a film until 11 o’clock tonight for English. Boring. Well not too bad, it’s meant to be a classic. I am thinking of and going to improve my knowledge, work harder and read more.  That also came up in my Tarot cards. The other thing was that I must be sure to make the right decisions in the near future – O-levels for 4th form.  I will be happy successful etc. It was fun and if true sounds like fun. Mum was hurt the other night when Dad came round because they got into a conversation where Mum found out Dad didn’t have a conscious (sic) about leaving her and us. That just goes to show how selfish and self centred he is.

Errr. I’m not typing this one out…

24th January Forgot. Long and good day.

25 January Went to see two films Thundering (sic) and Lightening and Damnation Alley. Good films.


I didn’t forget to write in it I thought it was Friday so I wrote …. but I went to see those films yesterday, they were pretty good. Today we had Saturday School. Fucking awful.  Played quite well in football. Very tired. Looking forward to going home…for a long weekend. I can’t be flagged to write much more. I had one hell of a lot of prep especially French.



28 January I have just got back after having a good and very enjoyable long weekend. I feel quite good to be back. Mum was getting quite excited about going skiing.  I ??? because it’s a fantastic sport. I told her to come in this morning to say goodbye. She came in at about 5.30am.  I wished her good luck. I was in the land of nod and didn’t say much. I forgot to take my diary home. I had two lovely nights sleep. I played squash today with dad. He was thrashing and I was knackered. Then I bet him a fold down top hat [my dream possession] that I would get five points. He took the bet on and after a bloody struggle and hard running I got my five points. He was chocked (sic) and I was really pleased. We had a nice talk coming home. I’m getting ready for a two week stay now. Dad gave me £2 to keep me going.  I went to see Last Snows of Spring on Friday  I could [not] stop crying. Bloody good film. I would like to take a girl to see that ‘cos it is a very touching film.

29 January I have had a long and good day. I got up at 7.00 and was out of the house dead on 7.30. I made sure I got up early because I had to revise for a test – French. When the test came I think I did quite well but might have got 2 wrong. I did well in Classics. I got 40 out of 45 so stayed with the 2a Grade. English went well and German. The trouble with German is that I don’t really understand the ???. And Weaker [the teacher] doesn’t explain too well. Double Geog went quite well, we had a film strip which made it go quicker. Then in Maths I got 15 – 20 for a test on Networks. He gave me a copy [Well Done award]  for an improvement in the tests. I was really pleased. I’ve got three Copies now and will get my 75p book token. I went to gym club today. During which I did two moves on the trampoline which nobody could do and were classed as hard. They were a dive bomb which needed guts Mr Hill [sports master] said and a roller-coaster, which was difficult, a front drop, full twist front drop. Then we did another move. Mr Hill straggled (sic) sit, I piked between his legs and he through (sic) me back into a back summy. It took ages to get the jumping right, we eventually did it.  One time he sat on my feet. I think they are out of position. 

30 January GOOD DAY. Got up early. Received The Last Snows of Spring book from Dad today. Jeremy told me the questions in the RE test.  I got 10/10 and a 1a grade – everyone called me a sucker. I got 11-15 in the Biology test. A bit disappointing. Played basketball in gym – good fun, then I had double Chemistry, nothing exciting happened.  In fact quite a boring uneventful day. I have got a Physics test tomorrow. I am feeling very tired. After this session of prep I am going to go up to bed get ready and read and RELAX. I eat a whole packet of chipsticks tonight

31st January A very so-so day.  I was absolutely shattered couldn’t keep my eyes open in History but Physics woke me up. It was a really really difficult test. I got 51/2 – 13. It really went on for too long and he gave us too long to dwelll on some questions. Katherine, the girl Neil fancies, wrote to David today and Neil has written to her. I would love to have a girl at the other end – to write to.  A girl I could say everything to. Mandy recognised me today, from last night. She kept looking at me, embarrassing. She’s not bad at all. I got a 3a for my French grade an improvement on 3b. I think I deserve that cos I have tried harder well deserved. I felt ill from tiredness in music and from boredom. Harry who used my shoe polish – I squealed and was having a word with Lloyd? Today I found my Kickers out of my locker. Bolar goes by calling me a cunt. I think they will start persecuting me. I am my dorm have got to go to bed at 9.15 today – I’m no that bothered cos I’m feeling tired any way. I really want to see Mum.  And I think I will write her a really long letter to get there on Monday.


1st February

I can’t believe that we are now a whole month into ’79. It doesn’t seem possible. It has been a good month as far as everything is concerned for me. I have just written a mammoth letter to my lovely Mum. I told her everything which I can remember that has happened this week. Had a really good sleep, a full nine hours last night played cards. Did a clay sculpture of my carrot today in woodwork. I was chosen for the School U14 A Team today for the Saturday match. Looking forward to the end of prep and to seeing Mum even though it’s one hell of a long way off. I have enjoyed writing in this diary and reading it over, it is really good fun. I got Three Copy book token today 75p. Looking forward to having what I hope to be a good sleep. Can’t be bothered to write any more. 

2nd February Very boring day, nothing happened except the usual learning

3rd February The match day. Dad came. I had a good game few injuries. We drew 1-1, a good draw

4th February I had a fag last night, just for the fun of it.  Then today I had 6 more. We bought a box of Dunhill International King Size. It was good fun

5th February  I have forgotten to write in this diary for the last 3 days. I have had a few smokes, it was good fun. I have definitely got a randy spot for Mandy Potts. I wouldn’t mind snogging with her and screwing. I want to write to Jacky but can’t pluck up the guts to. My sisters will mock – and I couldn’t stand that and I wouldn’t know what to say. I’m definitely sending her a Valentines Card. I spoke to Mum yesterday when she got back. I wanted to see her but couldn’t. She has got a few bruises but she enjoyed it a lot. Mum would have received my letter today I hope. I want a GIRL FRIEND TO WRITE TO. I think I will give it a go at writing to Jacky. A pretty good day. I got a Copy for French – 14/15 on translation and 19/20 in comprehension.

6th February Goodish day. RE better. No working in , skive off Biology lesson, good fun prep. Not bad Chemistry, did not get a good set of notes. I like that Mandy a lot. Had a lot of trouble over my French. It git me really worked up. I must do it really simply.

7th February TOO TIRED. Played a lot of table tennis. Beaten by the FROG 

To be continued . . .