The late, nearly great Access


On 11 January 2008, following two years of dedicated development, Rob McGibbon launched the formidable and unique website Access

Since then, the website has grown to become a hugely popular and respected resource for some of the best content in journalism which in turn has made it a vital destination portal for journalists and media players across the world. Above all, the website is recognised as a crucial digital platform upon which publishers and broadcasters promote their prime interviews content to a new audience.

The scale and scope of Access Interviews is evolving every day and it is quickly establishing itself as a major force upon the ever-changing media landscape.

A comprehensive archive of press coverage about the website can be found here but below are the links to some signature articles. However, the best way to understand and enjoy Access Interviews is to visit the site and take a look around.


*Sadly, during September 2015, Rob took Access to Digital Dignitas. Her end was most peaceful.

The dream is dead. Long live the dream.



Flashback. Here are some signature articles Rob wrote to mark the birth of Access Read and weep…

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