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Magician Paul Daniels: The Definite Article Uncut

By Rob McGibbon Published on 3rd October 2014   “My philosophy for life? KISS A TIT! It’s an acronym I made up in my 40s to help me focus on my work. It stands for: Keep It Simple Stupid And Think It Through”. It can be applied positively to just about anything in life.”   The prized possession you value above all others…Two steel bowls from a vintage magic trick.. Read More

Terry Wogan: The Definite Article – Uncut

By Rob McGibbon Published on 1st September 2012   “I have never been one for ambitions or seeking things out. Life has just happened for me. I have just been incredibly lucky” The prized possession you value above all others…A beautifully inscribed piece of paper signed by the Queen conferring a knighthood on me in 2005. It was an enormous honour and is hanging in a prominent position in my.. Read More

Mick Hucknall – Flashback. Daily Telegraph, Saturday Magazine

‘That suit was the first time I had anything made for me bespoke. And I’ve still got it!’                     Flashback with Mick Hucknall – Uncut Mick Hucknall remembers writing songs with Motown legend Lamont Dozier, 1986 This is me with Lamont Dozier, one of the greatest legends in pop music. He wrote and produced [with Brian and Eddie Holland] some of.. Read More

Stuart Broad – Flashback. Daily Telegraph, Saturday Magazine

                      Flashback with Stuart Broad – Uncut Stuart Broad remembers hanging out at cricket grounds with his dad, England opening batsman Chris, in 1991 This was taken when I was about five at Trent Bridge – Nottinghamshire Cricket Club’s home ground. Dad was playing for them at the time, two years after ending his England career in 1989. He had.. Read More

Arlene Phillips – What Turns Me On. Mail on Sunday, Event

  Event magazine of the Mail in Sunday newspaper                 What Turns Me On – Arlene Phillips. Uncut. The dance judge and choreographer needs the soothing sounds of Ed Sheeran, the joyful steps of West Side Story, radio plays and the secrets of magic. TELEVISION I am obsessed with minimalism, so I tune in to Grand Designs hoping there will be some fantasy.. Read More

Named and shamed

Trendy or fuddy-duddy, your child’s name is a life sentence. No wonder it’s such agony to choose one. How I laughed last week when I read that several names for children had become more or less extinct during the past century. The likes of Walter and Percy, Edna and Olive have all but disappeared. This tickled me because, as a soon-to-be father for the first time, I have wilfully rejected.. Read More

Inside Wade’s World

As The Sun’s editor Rebekah Wade marks her fifth year in the job, Rob McGibbon finds out what the woman who colleagues call the ‘Red Cloud’ is really like, and gauge her impact on Britain’s best-selling daily. Read the full article here

Gwen the Golden Girl of Pop

Rob McGibbon meets pop starlet Gwen Stefani for, ooh, about 25 minutes – and finds she is wearied by jet-lag and motherhood. Yaaaawn. Read the full news story here

Duran Duran Interview – Wild Boys At Heart

With huge hits, dashing looks and model-laden videos, Duran Duran were pop’s ultimate party boys. And, with new Timbaland-produced tracks due, Rob McGibbon finds the glint in their eyes undimmed. Read the full news story here